Are You Satisfied With Your Sex Life?



In my experience, most people just need a little help in an area in which they are stuck. Therefore, therapy is designed to be as short-term as possible and to focus on resolving specific issues. If the problem is larger (such as a chronically troubled relationship), you may find that working on a few related areas will begin to turn things around significantly.

I use a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and insight work, as needed. Generally, real change doesn’t occur unless clients have some idea of why they are unintentionally sabotaging themselves. We will talk things through in the session, but we may also use therapeutic experiences designed to make rapid improvements. This may include helping you to adjust your thinking about yourself and your partner, teaching you to relax and focus on physical sensation, assisting with communication and emotional connection, and constructing the principles of a realistic and satisfying relationship. I may suggest other specific at-home exercises designed to treat sexual dysfunction. Of course, there are no sexual experiences in the office.


There are many principles that I think are important in doing this sensitive work. I use warmth, intuition, empathy and directness. I want you to feel comfortable working with me and to be confident that we are on the right track. My goal is to help you create and maintain an easy, satisfying sex life whether you are single or in a relationship.

Dr. Deborah Caust

Clinical Sexologist
Licensed Marriage
Family Therapist

2918 Webster St.
San Francisco CA